About Me

My research interests are physics of fluids flow (miscible and immiscible), heat transport, and mass transport through multiphase porous materials (e.g., clay, sand, and rock). Application domains of my research are constitutive modeling of geomaterials; finite element and discrete element code development; CO2 sequestration; wellbore integrity; methane hydrate; geothermal energy; hazardous waste disposal; fracture in porous media; enhanced oil and gas recovery; roadway embankment and ground improvement.

I developed and configured

  • Finite Element (FE) opensource codes for multi-phase and multi-component thermo-hydro-chemo-mechanical (THCM) modeling.
  • Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) codes for single-phase and multi-phase granular material modeling.

Applied Mathematics and Computation, Elsevier; Canadian Geotechnical Journal; International Journal of Engineering Mechanics, ASCE; Geosynthetics International, ICE; Energies, MDPI; Applied Sciences, MDPI; Fluids, MDPI; Processes, MDPI; Symmetry, MDPI; Sutainability, MDPI; Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, MDPI; Land, MDPI; Polymers, MDPI; Materials, MDPI; Remote Sensing, MDPI; Water, MDPI; Oral, MDPI; Journal of Composites Science, MDPI; Minerals, MDPI

Professional Membership:
--- The American Society of Civil Engineers
--- The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
--- The Engineering Mechanics Institute
--- International Society for Porous Media

Professional Experiences:
Mohammad Islam is a geotechnical engineering consultant with more than 12 years of experience. He has worked on civil, geotechnical, and geomechanics projects, including slope stability analyses, earthworks, groundwater control, retaining wall designs, settlement analyses, ground improvements, pile foundation designs, drilled shafts and sheet piles, shallow foundations, mat foundations, noise walls, soil nails, anchoring, ground anchors, sign structures, cofferdams, flood walls, pavement engineering, tunnel engineering, airport hangars, and historic structures restoration. Mohammad has also assisted with infiltration drainage basins, forensic investigations, seepage analyses, rapid drawdown analyses, erosion control mats, buttresses, ripraps, carbon sequestration, wellbore integrity, hydraulic fracture, geothermal energy, enhanced oil and gas recovery, and manual and wireless instrumentation designs. He has performed analytical and coupled finite element modeling of geotechnical structures and evaluated their long-term response. Mohammad has conducted seismic site class, liquefaction potential, and earthquake analyses using PLAXIS software. He has monitored field embankments' performance using a settlement plate, piezometer, horizontal profile gauge, and inclinometer. Mohammad has also determined ground improvement techniques like surcharge-preloading, prefabricated vertical drains, and stone columns to meet project performance requirements. He has investigated subsoil using sonic drilling, hollow stem auger, mud rotary drilling, hand auger, and non-destructive tests, including ground penetrating radar and falling weight deflectometer tests. Mohammad has collaborated with contractors, clients, and design consultant teams and supervised construction work to ensure compliance with the specification and design. He has worked with geologists; collected, processed, and logged geological samples; conducted laboratory tests; and prepared reports.
Dr. Islam has experience working in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Maryland, and Virginia. He also worked in Australia, Japan, and Bangladesh.

Computer Literacy:

  • Bentley Software: PLAXIS 2D, PLAXIS 3D, STADD Pro, gINT
  • GeoStudio Software: SLOPE/W, SIGMA/W
  • Ensoft Software: APile, LPile, Group, Shaft, PyWall
  • RocScience Software: Slide, RS, EX3, Settle, RSPile
  • Itasca Software: FLAC, UDEC
  • Computer and Structures: ETABS
  • Structure Point Software: spwall, spslab, spbeam, spmats, spcolumn
  • Mathematical Software: MAPLE, Mathcad, Mathematica, Octave
  • Subsurface Simulation Software: OpenGeoSys, Code_Aster, TOUGH
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics: OpenFOAM, Code_Saturn
  • Pavement Design Package: PaveExpress
  • Plotting Software: Origin, Gnuplot, Grapher, CPeT IT
  • Others: SRWall, SNAP-2, AutoCAD,QGIS