Cass Street to Calhoun Street Floodwall Reconstruction and Repair, Trenton, New Jersey

Dr. Islam worked as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for this project and resolved the ongoing cofferdam and floodwall construction complexity. Mohammad identified the issue's source and provided technical support to the WSP design, NJDOT construction, and NJDOT geotechnical teams. He also monitored the failure and ineffectiveness of the cofferdam before and after local tornado and flood events. Mohammad evaluated differing site conditions, failure behind the sheet pile installation means and methods of contractors, and the vibratory hammer's ineffectiveness sources. The team also proposed alternative design methods. WSP is providing NJDOT with engineering and construction support services for more than 700 feet of floodwall along the Delaware River. The project will upgrade the roadway drainage system to comply with NJDOT spread criteria and install backflow preventors for 15 outfalls that discharge into the river. The project also includes two landscape retaining walls in the park area behind the reconstructed floodwall.